Thursday, March 27, 2008

Broader Perspectives

I am unhappy with the Broader Perspectives magazine. Well, my school forced me to subscribe to it. It lacks the professional look and feel, the depth of content, and anything else you would expect a good magazine to offer.

The moment I saw it, I had to bear with the ugly, unsightly cover page which is a broad plane with the blatantly, ostentatious title followed by a stupid slogan - "CURRENT AFFAIRS MADE SIMPLE". How simple are the current affairs crammed on to a bunch of thick and heavy, low quality paper, as compared to a sub 30 mins video called the NEWS?

In addition, the front page includes random images. In fact, the whole magazine contains random images - images that are not professionally taken by the "professional" photographer. They dare to publish images without any touch up or may be they made it too obvious that some images have random photoshop effects. The photos have very few elements and are as good as those taken by accidentally pressing the shutter button of a mobile phone without a key pad lock. The images are not attractive. They don't really have any link to the text. They are just like, "Why aren't you looking at me?".

The magazine also has broad pages with broader empty spaces and texts which has broader font size and bright colours - even a blind man can see it. In whole, the magazine looks like a bunch of copied and paste paragraphs evenly spread out on a few sheets of paper with seamless images scattered around the text for aesthetic balance - which is by the way not appealing at all.

Broader Perspectives is not for entertainment or mind-grabbing content. It is good enough to substitute serious GP notes. Every thing in the magazine is very useful, other than the ink. You should read it if you have no life. May be you should read my blog instead. =p

btw, I'm comparing broader perspectives to magazines like time. Perhaps we should just give broader perspectives a try. Its not really that bad after all. It really kinda serves its purpose as useful content for GP.


SG Moorthy said...

I agree with you Mohamed that Broader Perspectives fall seriously short of professionalism, and to know that it's produced by School of Thot that is supposed to teach GP makes these supposed journals a really poor reflection of the School of Thot's standards. I agree that all the articles have been randomised and there is no coherence or cogency in the articles selected for inclusion. It's therefore wrong of jcs to compell their students to purchase them. Kindly do not compare these publications with such reputed and thoroughly researched articles in the TIME. I also tutor GP, and I have been doing this for about 20 years that yield great results amongst my students. Should you wish to contact me just phone (65)82639980 or email at Sincerely, SG

help me with my plan said...

Hi Sufi,

I came across your blog when I googled 'broader perspectives' magazines. And boy, do you not understand design.

I googled it because for the first time in my whole entire practice of graphic design have I ever seen a Singaporean publication as designed as Broader Perspective.

Though firstly, I have to agree with you that they did not deliver their content as perceived in TIMES or NEWSWEEK. (I'm an avid reader of NEWSWEEK myself). But I guess its the concept of the magazine being a light read, so i reckon it takes a little bit of experimentation on the graphics and the layout.

They've done it well, and they didn't overdo it. They still deliver the text, right? And I'm comparing to the insanely graffiti-ed and coloured phamplets that the local young design scene is so into.

I am a young local designer myself, in fact, i'm 22, still pursuing my degree in NTU's only design school. I've been trained to put thoughtful concepts behind all my design works, and hence I could relate really well when I saw Broader Perspectives.

I'm just advocating that our younger generation needs to be educated when it comes to design. In Singapore, designs are not appreciated, and this is a joke for we call ourselves a modern city. Look at London and New York. They are cities too, and they've managed to integrate Design with their everyday life. Even our Hong Kong counterparts are doing better. Check out:

So you see, the intention of broader perspective was to lighten the content load you jc kids have to read to pass that gp paper. So cut them some slack for trying to inject some fun. At least they've managed to get you guys reading!

Anonymous said...

you totally lost your focus in this post. i hope your GP essays aren't like this.

and, to compared a magazine catered to 18-20 year olds to TIME magazine is a little too far-off. the minds of readers of TIME are much older and mature in thought so naturally BP would fall short in content as compared to TIME. context, please.

and, i agree with the 2nd comment, you do not understand design, and i am not even going to bother elaborating because it would be pointless.

Mohamed Safiullah said...

Hi commenters, do note the time of this post (March 27, 2008).

If you haven't seen or read BP issues previous to that date, please think once more before commenting.

Thank you.

Best regards.